• The Culture celebrates diversity, conversation and understanding within the UM community.

    Rachel Smith and Kristion Matas, Class of 2020, knew that embracing the diverse culture in the city of Miami would be a highlight of their time at the University of Miami.


  • UM senior Breana Ross was awarded the 2018 Global Citizen Award from a national study abroad company.

    When University of Miami senior Breana Ross left the United States last spring to study abroad in South Africa, she thought she had a grasp of what poverty looked like.


  • Four nonprofits founded after last year's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas are better equipped in their fight for gun control reform and mental health awareness after the School of Communication's 25-hour PhilADthropy event last weekend. More than 100 University of Miami students and 32 alumni volunteered their time to create social media campaigns, merchandise, websites, logos and much more on behalf of the four organizations founded by MSD students and parents.


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