Finding one’s passion before graduating high school is rare, but Rebekah Chung is an outstanding exception. After one special trip to the movies, the School of Communication senior uncovered her love for production.

“In high school, I studied film production and developed a love for telling stories, but I was still unclear as to how that could help inspire change. This thought changed when I went to watch a documentary at the movies with my mom one day,” said Chung. “I don’t remember the name of the film, but I do remember leaving the theater with an overwhelming feeling of warmth. It felt like a burning passion inside me to get up and take action.”

And take action she did. Equipped with majors in broadcast journalism and political science, Chung’s collegiate career is brimming with on-campus involvement, including UMTV, The National Electronic Media Association, National Broadcast Society, and National Honor Society – all contributors to her stellar on- and off-camera skills.

“I went from anchoring and reporting to becoming an Emmy-nominated executive producer of the university’s flagship show. I’ve had the opportunity to work in both the entertainment and news sector of television, interviewing celebrities, like Gloria Estefan, Cardi B, Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Diana Nyad, local and national politicians, and political activists,” said Chung. “Now, I am the special projects producer for UMTV, and I continue to do what I love – producing and storytelling.”

Expanding her classroom and on-campus experience in the professional realm, Chung has several notable titles under her belt: full-time associate producer for WFOR-TV, CBS News affiliate, and production assistant for the Daily Show’s traveling exhibit.

“The Broadcast Journalism program at the University of Miami allows students to get upfront, hands-on experience. Some broadcast programs require students to wait two years before being allowed to get on camera, but this program allows you to start as soon as possible, so you’re able to develop your skills early on,” said Chung.

What’s next for Chung? Continuing to pursue her passion head-on post graduation.

“I’m hoping to continue sharing impactful and meaningful stories with the world through reporting and video production.”