Project Description

Its 6:30 a.m. The crowd lingers as we witness the morning sun graciously greeting the rising sun. You can feel the warm embrace from the early glow and somehow cradled within that hold is the promise of miracles. It is the fourth annual Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation (MCHF) 5K and University of Miami PREP students are ready to work. Students assume responsibilities such as running the media check-in booth, taking photographs and testimonials for social media and assisting videographers and photographers.

As participants take their mark on the start line, PREP students work hard to capture each moment and quickly draft captions, edit videos, and send them off so they can be posted on social channels for MCHF. Photographers and videographers assistants work diligently to make sure they provide back up coverage and assure each shot is perfectly recorded.

Meanwhile, the “Me Gusta Correr” team provides Zumba breaks for everyone in attendance. The resilient sound of Caribbean inspired melodies echoed within the hearts of us all. One PREP student captures a photo of this moment so precious that is going to be used in advertisements for future years.

The culmination of past, present, and future enkindles the entire spirit of the event. Families and friends come together for the children to help raise thousands to fund a hospital that saves the lives of children every day. UM PREP students are happy to gain hands on experience while working such a meaningful event.