Project Description

This fundraising event was not your usual 5K or gala. The stars of this community event were real beds mounted-on-wheels with tough-pushing racers and stunning costumes. Teams consisted of five members, four racers and one rider, representing local companies in Coconut Grove and Miami. The teams worked hard in the weeks and months preceding the event to design their very own bed to raise money for Little Smiles of Florida, a nonprofit organization. On race day, the teams competed for awards such as “Best Engineered,” “Just Plain Funniest” and fastest time. Grand Marshal Vanilla Ice, along with live music, hilarious performances and talented dancers were also part of the all day event.

Meanwhile, PREP students were all focused on one thing, the media. Students were responsible for issuing credentials, escorting and assisting all media in attendance including: Fox, Miami Herald, NBC, Univision and others. This was a great way for PR students to see what it is like to work with the media, an activity that is going to be instrumental in their future careers. Students received the opportunity to work one-on-one with the reporters, journalists, photographers and videographers and got the chance to get to know them in ways many never have the opportunity to experience.

“In PREP we are given the chance to work exciting events and receive hands-on experience in our field. This is why I recommend this program to any public relations student that is hardworking and eager to learn what PR is all about,” said Taylor, PREP Senior Manager.