Project Description

By Kristen Sabina

Hundreds of thousands of writers and readers attend the Miami Book Fair International (MBFI) in November every year. During this weekend of literary happiness, renowned authors from the United States and around the world representing every book genre, from children’s books to graphic novels, read and discuss their work during the Festival of Authors. The Street Fair is another exciting aspect of the MBFI where 250 publishers and booksellers fill the streets to exhibit and sell their books.

With an event of this scale happening right here in our hometown of Miami, PREP students could not miss out. University of Miami students play a key role in the weekend event. Students are assigned one or more media outlets, such as PBS or XM radio. As part of their responsibilities for the day, students are in charge of coordinating the interviews for their assigned media and making sure the schedule is adhered to all day long. PREP students escort the authors to the designated media and assure that no interview is missed or runs late.

The team running this event could not have been more thankful to have PREP by their side. The students provide the crucial assistance needed to assure that every author receives the appropriate time to promote their book, while also making sure that the event is able to acquire the maximum amount of media coverage.

One PREP student, Paola Rodriguez, shows why UM students are better prepared to handle real world experiences. Paola was given the upstairs of the author’s hospitality lounge to manage. Several radio stations and talk shows are located in this section. Paola alone handled this entire area and did it like a professional.

“It was definitely a little hectic and stressful at times, but this kind of experience is what is going to set me apart when I graduate,” said Paola, first year PREP student.