Project Description

East Kolkata Wetlands – A 360° View project was launched in 2011 with 3 short films created by students at Jadavpur University under the guidance of Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer Sanjeev Chatterjee who is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and professor of electronic media at the School of Communication, University of Miami in the United States. This project was undertaken in association with the School of Media, Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University

Each of the films provides a particular perspective on the value of the East Kolkata Wetlands with a particular focus on sewage fed fisheries.

Project principals plan to continue the work over time through the creation of more visual stories about the value of East Kolkata Wetlands and sharing them online. This website is a venue for aggregating the media being created and sharing existing resources that can help people develop a well-rounded understanding of the wetlands.