Project Description

Students in the JMM 208 Fundamentals of Reporting class completed an exhaustive reporting, writing and social media exercise project, “Seniors and their stories” on graduating seniors at the University of Miami. They researched and identified a University of Miami senior then interview that student with a focus on finding a defining moment, person or experience that had an impact on that student during his or her time at the University of Miami. Fourteen students were profiled on The Miami Hurricane website and in the April 24 print edition of the The Miami Hurricane newspaper. In addition, students researched key events that took place between 2014 and 2018 to contribute to a timeline, which ran with the project. Other students wrote a sidebar story on senioritis and seniors’ bucket list of things they still wanted to do in Miami or at UM before they graduate.After the stories were published, students had to promote the project on social media.

Associated Students

Robert Bass
Kaley Fedko
Avery Formato
Dylan Kossar
Christian Liljenquist
Bayley Macnamara
Katherine Marquez
D’Andre McIntyre
Christopher Otero
Marine Paccanari
Daniela Pagnozzi
Rachel Smith
Renee Sobaram
Sabrina Ullman
Owen White