Project Description

Por Nuestras Calles is a serious game (developed by Lien Tran, Jessica Wendorf, and Maria Elena Villar), created after 18 months of extensive formative research and testing, that addresses the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). There are two versions of the game. The first version helps children understand how to manage some of the dangers they face and helps adults to develop greater empathy for the plight of children who are sexually exploited. The second version of the game is geared toward people who work in the tourism sector of the economy, and helps players to understand how ordinary people can help children who are being sexually exploited.

The game was finalized during the spring of 2015 and handed over to Brigadier General William Salamanca of the Colombian National Police, a major sponsor of the development and testing of the game. December 2015 marks the beginning of the dissemination process, which also includes a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention with police officers across Colombia. Our ultimate goal is to disseminate this key piece of the “Colombian Model” for addressing CSEC to other countries around the world.

Associated Students

Jessica Wendorf