Project Description

Armed-conflict journalist, Juan Gaviria, escapes after four years in captivity at the mercy of Colombian Guerillas. He is portrayed as a national hero for supposedly having killed the head of the rebel organization. Gaunt, muddy, and tormented Juan returns to his home in Bogota, only to discover an altered version of the life he once lived.

Juan’s best friend and college roommate, Daniel, an American who was once a Latin America correspondent, has found himself unemployed and in the midst of a divorce. More unsettling, Juan has received confirmation of rumors regarding his marriage. His wife, Andrea, has admitted having an affair with Daniel in her husband’s absence. Yet, not being free of sin, Juan decides to forgive.

At Juan’s insistence, to prove that there are no hard feelings, he and Andrea accompany Daniel to Key Largo on a scuba diving weekend, a trip that was once a tradition between old friends. In an isolated, dive motel, Heili, a local teenager wiser than her years, intersects the triangle and forces Juan to relive his relationship with Cindy, a fifteen-year-old guerilla soldier who died because of his escape.

Juan’s recklessness and jealousy drives Andrea towards Daniel. However, Daniel, fed up with of her previous rejections decides not to play her game. Wanting to put an end to the trip, Andrea lies to Juan about Daniel’s intentions. Juan realizing that his wife is not longer in love with him, is pushed to take drastic measures.

The film takes you over Colombian mountains, underwater, out to sea, and into the tormented psyche of a master manipulator as he struggles to assimilate and understand his role in a series of love triangles.