Project Description

The Mermaid is a moving love story about a young woman torn between her blossoming relationship with her boyfriend and her chaotic but endearing relationship with her brother, who suffers from schizophrenia.

Sirah, the young woman, is on a romantic date with Jay when her brother, Deji, interrupts. Off his meds and out of his mind, he insists his pet goldfish, Regina (who he holds in a Tupperware bowl) needs to be released into Miami bay to turn back into her true self: a mermaid. Realizing they have no choice, Sirah and Jay follow him on a zany journey through the streets of Miami, filled with plenty of love, laughs and unexpected twists.

But the most unexpected moment comes at the end of the film, when they’re all confronted with the darker side of Deji’s mental illness. And the tragic reality that this story, just like schizophrenia, can’t have a happy ending.

Associated Students

Italome Ohikhuare, Xinyue Chen, Peter Ebanks, Sara Werner