Project Description

Not much happens in Chokoloskee, Fl. The highway bypassed the town years ago, leaving it a forgotten dot on the map. This is bad news for Harley, whose family’s dilapidated B&B hasn’t had steady visitors since the Reagan years. The only thing more rickety than the bed and breakfast may be Harley’s home life. Her mother has passed away and her father spends most of his time at the bottom of a bottle, leaving Harley to take care of both the business and her deaf baby sister.

Things seem bleak until the famous and cantankerous author P.W. Chesapeake, a contemporary of Ernest Hemingway, mysteriously shows up as a guest. Can Harley turn his fortuitous visit into a windfall to save the business? Perhaps if he were to meet an “untimely” death while staying at the B&B the ensuing media attention and tourist rush would be enough to save both the business and the family. Can Harley go through with her plan, or does P.W. have dubious intentions of his own?