Project Description

Emory is a short film, that aims to bring to the screen a story from the impoverished Overtown Miami area. Eighteen year old Emory Harris was born into this area and has had to learn how to escape the perils of the streets. He’s seen many of his friends waste away on drugs, get sent to juvy or jail, or even die. To cope, he uses graffiti as an art form to escape and find peace.

The project was conceived by five University of Miami students looking to tell a story about a Miami community. To get in better touch and truly represent the area, we collaborated with local Overtown production companies, Elijah Wells Films, LLC. Elijah Wells Films, LLC has produced films that have been juried by the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach, and most recently worked alongside famed director, Robert Townsend. We casted people straight from the Overtown area and are really happy to have been able to work hand-in-hand with such talented folks and make some amazing relations.