Project Description

The traditional pay television industry has captivated American audiences for over 80 years. The introduction of over-the-top streaming services in 2007 has structurally altered the long-established, direct model of video content reception. “Cord cutting,” which refers to the cancellation of pay TV subscriptions and receiving content primarily over the Internet, has accelerated over the past few years. For a small price, such services as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu offer à la carte, on-demand programming and supply a wide variety of content without time restrictions or linear schedules. Mostly occurring among the millennial generation, cord cutting is gradually disrupting the model of the MVPD business. This digital shift has brought upon opportunity of viewing alternatives, influenced consumer-viewing habits, and radically changed the media marketplace.

Associated Student

Francesca Schirripa
Media Management Major
Marketing and Motion Pictures

First-Place Media Management Association (MMA) Award, 2017

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