Public Relations Internship

Students select an internship in the field of public relations for on-the-job training. The student will work a minimum of 45 hours per credit. No more than three (3) credits of internship may be completed in any given semester.

Public Relations Management

Principles and practice of public relations management in a variety of contexts including agency, consultancy, corporate, and nonprofit.

Public Relations Message Development and Execution

Preparation, execution, and production of visual messages for public relations media.

Public Relations Practicum

Students will work in the public relations field for on-the-job training. Students must work a minimum of 45 hours per credit earned.

Public Relations Research

Public relations research techniques focusing on applications of strategic planning, message evaluation, opinion research, and theory testing of public relations programs. Emphasis on qualitative and quantitative methods and data analysis.

Public Relations Strategy Development

This course introduces students to research-based strategy development and planning at the core of public relations practice.

Public Speaking

Introduction to effective audience communication including theory and extensive practice in oral presentations.

Publication Design Seminar

Publication Design Seminar focuses on learning advanced techniques for design and layout for a variety of printed media. Each student produces a portfolio of design projects. Prerequisite: CNJ 206 or CAP 202.

Publication Planning and Editing

Introduction to editing and design, with emphasis on the development of skills in editing copy and photos, writing headlines, news judgment and designing print publications and websites.

Qualitative Research Methods

Course is designed to introduce students to a sample of qualitative research methods used in communication.

Quantitative Communication Research Methods and Analyses

Introduction to communication research methods. Application of quantitative measurement techniques and statistical analyses will be discussed as well as the use of microcomputer statistical programs.

Radio Production Performance

Introduction to equipment and procedures of radio. Production of radio programs and formats, editing, announcing, sequencing program elements, and designing program formulas are discussed.

Religion, Communication, and Culture

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.

Reporting and the Internet

This course is designed to provide an overview of the uses of online computer s ervices for newsgathering with emphasis on the Internet. Prerequisite: CNJ 111 and 216, or instructor's permission.

Research Methods for Advertising

An introduction to the principles and concepts of advertising media planning including media selection, media plan development, forecasting, and budgeting.

Seminar in Advertising and Society

This course will examine the ethical, persuasive, cultural, societal, and economic effects of advertising, focusing on the theoretical frameworks that explain how advertising works in these arenas.

Seminar in News Ethics and Problems

Ethical, practical, and professional problems of news communicators in society.

Small Group Communication

Techniques of discussion applied to goal-oriented, small group situations. Consideration is given to research methods, leadership, and conflict resolution. Theory is applied to active classroom participation.

Social Media Strategies

Focuses on the use and application of various social media platforms in the development of effective strategic communication campaigns.

Social Media Strategies

Focuses on the use and application of various social media platforms in the development of effective strategic communication campaigns.
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