UX Research

Video Production/Postproduction

An introduction to videography with emphasis on documentary field production. The course will focus upon aspects of video production and postproduction.

Web Applications

With the evolution of technology there has been an exponential adoption of cloud computing technologies and an increasing number of applications are being pushed on the Web. Software will be consumed through the browser and the implications for software development are significant. In this course students will learn the concept of interoperability of applications: server-side scripting, web server configuration, caching servers, and data stores.

Writing and Reporting Across Platforms

An introduction to professional operating practices in multimedia journalism with emphasis on news writing and news production skills.

Writing for Episodic Television

The course will explore the art and craft required to write a "spec" Television episode. The course will explore how TV writing differs from feature writing and how the TV writer/producer business model works. By the end of the course the student will have finished an hour-long "spec" script for an existing TV show or a two-part sitcom teleplay.

Writing for Public Relations

Principles and techniques for the development of strategic thinking, information-gathering, and writing public relations messages across traditional, digital, social and web-based media.

Writing for Publication

This course focuses on writing principles and practices of the news media. It is designed to give the student exposure and practical experience in writing for the print media.

Writing for Series Television

Advanced examination of the techniques and elements of television writing. Focus is placed upon both the situation comedy and the dramatic series.

Writing the Feature-Length Screenplay

Writing the Short Film

A course in the fundamentals of screenwriting focused on the creation of a 15-30 page screenplay suitable for an MFA project film.
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