Physical Computing and Prototyping

This seminar will examine the differences and opportunities present, between a series of physical computing techniques and rapid prototyping. The course will be conducted through a series of parallel lectures and workshops aimed at developing skills for the creation of a physical, interactive prototype, ranging from wearables, products and art installations.The course will track through three projects each of which will focus on a specific interactive and product development methodology: electronics and Arduino, product development and 3D modeling for fabrication.

Post Production Procedures II

Advanced editing and re-recording procedures. Prerequisite: CMP 656.

Practicum in Communication

Practicum in Producing News

The mechanics of planning and executing professional style newscats and/or long -form television news program.

Producing the Motion Picture

A practical examination of the development, production, and marketing responsibilities involved in producing theatrical feature films. Focus is placed on the processes involved including the ethical considerations that confront the producer.

Production Management

A comprehensive examination of the skills and techniques employed by line producers and production managers in the preproduction, production, and post-production of motion pictures.

Production Workshop II - Individual Projects

A concentration on four distinctive film directors and their work. Utilization of techniques from film theory, film criticism, and film history to arrive at a definition of their unique cinematic styles.

Programming for Designers

This course will teach students the basics of programming using Processing. Processing is a language created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas of MIT. It was created to make computer programming accessible to people who might imagine it but do not always have the skills to execute it, thus making it an excellent tool to teach programing concepts to designers. Processing gives students immediate results allowing them to easily create beautiful, interactive graphics.

Programming for Interactivity

This course is a multimedia class that will teach the fundamental programming s kills required to create compelling online multimedia stories.

Public Opinion and Mass Communication

An exploration of the formation and role of public opinion in mass communication. Emphasis is placed on its role in advertising and promotion. Topics include the evolution and history of public opinion in American culture, the application of public opinion on attitude formation and persuasion, measurement of public opinion, and propaganda.

Public Relations Experience Program (PREP)

Develop skills used by professionals in the public relations/media relations, communications, promotions/marketing and journalism professions through faculty-supervised hands-on experience in the "field" with real organizations.

Public Relations Fundamentals

A seminar to explore the theories and methodologies of public relations encompassing writing, principles and campaigns.

Public Relations Internship

Prescribed study and supervised work with practitioners in public relations.

Public Relations Management

Principles and practice of public relations management in a variety of contexts including agency, consultancy, corporate, and nonprofit.

Public Relations Practicum

Professional functions related to public relations requirements in a professional environment acting as an account executive.

Qualitative Research Methodologies

Research methods and theories for participant-observation, phenomenology, symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, content analysis, and historical-critical interpretation.

Religion, Communication, and Culture

A seminar to examine the role of public relations in American political campaigns.

Reporting and the Internet

Overview of uses of online computer services for newsgathering and distribution with emphasis on the Internet.

Rewriting the Feature Screenplay

Rewriting the Screenplay

The preparation for and completion of the rewrite of a feature-length screenplay.
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