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I love dreaming things up in my head and then seeing them come to life on a screen.

Matt Hubball, a 2001 graduate of the film program, has a fast growing resume.  He has helped produce a rap CD and written marketing campaigns and scripts for shows such as American Horror Story and Fargo

Although he enrolled at the University of Miami on a jazz scholarship, Hubball quickly decided to switch to the School of Communication and major in another passion of his – film. 

As a student, he co-wrote and directed a feature film, Veritas, that was accepted to the New York Independent Film Festival.  Veritas is a film about vengeance, Hubball said. His writing partner was another student, Marco Djokic. 

Hubball, who received the award for Outstanding Undergraduate Film Student at UM, attributes some of this success to classes he took with Rafael Lima, a lecturer in the film program. 

“Lima taught me how to defenestrate the basics,” Hubball said, which means learning the rules and then breaking them when necessary so the writing is fresh and unexpected. 

“Without Lima, I don’t think I would have fully realized this philosophy, which is literally the basis of my career as a successful, working writer,” Hubball added.

Since graduating, Hubball has scored music for networks such as MTV, VH1 and E! and also helped produce a hip-hop album that reached #12 nationally on the CMJ music charts.  But his main focus has been as a writer and creative director in the entertainment industry.

After starting out in advertising, he now works in TV and film, writing original scripts for TV shows and movies for FX, CBS, Warner Bros. and Universal.  His recent projects include scripts for The Simpsons and the new CBS series called Battle Creek.

Hubball was born and raised in Boston, but his career has taken him to New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Boulder and Laguna Beach.  Now, he mostly travels back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, he said.  

Hubball says that his favorite part about his job is being able to write original material for great characters played by amazing actors. 

“I love dreaming things up in my head and then seeing them come to life on a screen” he said.  “And I love it when people enjoy watching it.” 

Hubball said he loves that he has reached the point in his career where people trust him enough to execute his vision onto the screen.  Although, he says he only loves it when he produces a “kickass creative idea.” 

In the future, Hubball would love to write a book, direct a feature film and produce more music.

“But above all, I just want to be a happier and better person” he says.  “I’m always trying to do that.” 

Written by Brynna Pyott, Journalism major