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Since 2016, the Media Management Association (MMA) Awards has recognized outstanding undergraduate and graduate student works (i.e., major student papers and projects, including creative productions) related to media management. These awards are given out each year at the Annual Student Media Awards. A committee of Media Management faculty is responsible for selecting the best three submissions.
Applicants for the MMA Awards competition do not have to be Media Management majors, but they must be enrolled as undergraduate students in the School of Communication. In addition, they must be active members of the Media Management Association.
For more information, please contact the MMA faculty advisor, Professor Michel Dupagne, at

First-Place Undergraduate Award

Social Media Engagement and Film Box Office

Kimberly De Jesus
Motion Pictures Major
Media Management Minor

Second-Place Undergraduate Award

The Costs and Benefits of Video Streaming

Jillian Scott
Marketing and Media Management Majors

Third-Place Undergraduate Award

How TikTok Is Transforming Tech

Dalia Paskin
Media Management and Public Relations Majors

Graduate Award

The Grass Always Looks Greener on Social Media: An Analysis of Social Media Marketing

Lianna Christine Tsakonas
Media Management


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