Project Description

The purpose of this paper is to explore the growth of the video streaming industry by analyzing the costs and benefits of over-the-top services. Specifically, the paper will portray the rapid growth of the video streaming industry and what the future of video streaming may look like. The major benefits of streaming services were identified as follows: accessibility, variety, low subscription fees, and the ability to reach niche audiences. On the other hand, the major costs found were identified as follows: subscription costs of bundling services, the cost of high-speed internet, negative social implications, the threat to multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD), the impact on small content providers, and over saturation of services in the marketplace. Factors to consider in the future include MVPD consolidation, increased cord cutting, and the reconceptualized video bundle. Other predictions include increased prices for streaming subscriptions and the growth of original content. The author concluded that the future of streaming will evolve along with changing technologies and the reactions of consumers.

Name of Student
Jillian Scott

Media Management

Second-Place Media Management Association (MMA) Award, 2020

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