Project Description

Life Is Art was founded back in January of 2009. At that time, we saw that, while Miami seemed to be experiencing a growing art scene, with all the new fairs, festivals and galleries, the artists of Miami were being left behind. Few of them were given the opportunity to show in these fairs, festivals, galleries and museums in Miami. Having an even-production background, we decided to start an organization to help these artists get exposure and to educate them on how to take advantage of it. We have since been expanding that mission to do more to help build the community as a whole.

We produce a really wide variety of events. We have some standard programs, as well as a number of one-off type events. The River Of Art program is a combination art show and business networker. These are designed to provide a dynamic atmosphere for making business connections, to promote local businesses and to showcase local artists. They generally happen monthly, depending on what else we have going on. We host them at locally-operated venues, giving us the ability to promote these local businesses. They include a show of 3-5 artists.

The  team created a completely new brand identity along with Print Collateral, Web Collateral, Event Promotion materials, Website design and Social Media activation ideas.