Project Description

During Fall 2015, students enrolled in STC434 – Advertising Campaigns developed a full scale advertising campaign for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.


The humble abode that is our planet seems to have a laundry list of environmental issues that extends out into the abyss like all semblance of knowledge during a physics exam. How incredibly daunting it is, that we inhabit such a big world, and consequently inherit and are responsible for it’s big problems. Like with any seemingly impossible task, again physics comes to mind, oftentimes the most exasperating step is figuring out exactly how to begin burrowing towards a solution. While several approaches and methods can scream out for consideration, if the problem is too complex, and a solution so hidden that any effective answer seems hopeless, it is easy to give up. As a result, the grand concern for environmental care has several supporters who acknowledge the issue, but who also admit to lack of insight and assurance that their endeavors will lead to a successful solution. This is the challenge that we faced in connecting these young supporters (Millennials) with the zealous environmental protection efforts of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. (It may not be rocket science, but it sure had us stumped.


Fortunately, not all of us shy away from a challenge. And just as the workers and volunteers at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida seek out environmental solutions every day, we were just as committed to crafting a successful creative strategy.


The challenge was clear: increase awareness and involvement of Millennials with the environmental efforts of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. However, working with a nonprofit organization so devoted to conservational endeavors in multiple fields proved an entirely new challenge in itself. According to survey results, half of the Millennial participants stated they had at least some concern about the environment and are interested in helping the environment. However, despite these findings, they did not show an interest in educating themselves about the environment, and are adamantly against being educated or lectured to. Consequently, we had to increase knowledge of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, and highlight its unique qualities, without coming across too educational or informative, all while maintaining a limited budget.


After conducting two focus groups, analyzing survey results, , and testing our concept, we managed to decipher where Millennials learn most of their news and information, and exactly how others have managed to successfully send this target messages without becoming lost in the infinite abyss of information. Yes, we are talking about social media. The result of these findings led to a creative strategy that incorporates an overarching social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. There is also a promotional component to the campaign that involves events across Florida college campuses, encouraging Millennials to physically engage with the Conservancy in a much more relatable way. With an eye-catching social media presence, and the promise of beer and animal masks, the Through Their Eyes campaign not only will make Millennials more aware of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, its mission, and its conservative efforts, but also present the Conservancy in a fun, quirky way that Millennials can relate to.