Project Description


Shopping used to mean spending an entire day at the mall. Whether it was tagging along with mom, or meeting a friend to get a bite to eat and browse. Today, malls are gradually becoming endangered, with shopping centers across the country seeing a decline in the amount of revenue produced. Meanwhile online shopping has desensitized the shopping experience into an “Add to Cart” button and some UPS tracking info. Where’s the fun in that? At Brickell City Centre we want the shopper to enter into an experience where indulgence doesn’t just mean shopping; it means dining, entertainment, and everything one desires. It isn’t your run-of-the-mill shopping center.


Brickell City Centre is designed to stay away from all forms of conformity and fractures traditional trains of thought on what a shopping center can offer. The problem is that the everyday South Florida resident (local or transplant) does not know enough about the Centre to dedicate their time to such a great unknown. This ties in with the public perception of BCC, and how many people cannot see themselves shopping there.


To make Brickell City Centre widely known and talked about locally in Miami’s social climate and internationally at major hubs. We strive to position Brickell City Centre as a shopping and living paradise, a metaphorical “day at the beach” where the opportunities to do whatever you want are infinite.


Brickell City Centre doesn’t want to be your traditional shopping center, rather a district of Miami. When your friend is in town for a couple days or people ask you “What’s up this weekend?” The response will be Wynwood, South Beach, Brickell City Centre in no particular order. We need our target market to buy that they have the power to indulge in any way they choose to. At Brickell City Centre it’s not just shopping; it’s an experience and we’re “Open for Indulgence”.