Project Description

The Coastal Resilience Challenge asked us to design a mobile application that empowers the Hampton Road community when dealing with flood and hazard mitigation planning. By performing extensive research and stakeholder interviews, our team was able to identify major issues affecting cities impacted by floods such as a heavy reliance on emergency dispatchers, anxious citizens not knowing where to find hyper-local information and small business owners who often lack an emergency plan. Using what we learned, we decided to address these key issues by building three separate applications. Each application aims to benefit a segment of the Hampton Roads community: citizens,& small business owners, and emergency responders/local governments.

BPrep prevents and minimizes interruptions to small business operations caused by weather emergencies. By centralizing communications in one easy to use app, BPrep streamlines the process of contacting staff members during an emergency situation, allowing business owners to save time and resources.


  • Nikki Abrego
  • Claudia Aguirre
  • Ciboney Dames
  • Angie Del-Llano
  • Jennifer Hernandez
  • Sarah Kasiske
  • Pablo Obando
  • Eliot Rodriguez
  • Kristian Rodriguez
  • Joshua Vega
  • Brandon Wilson