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  • As the title of producer Sanjeev Chatterjee’s latest movie implies, Mi Amor is a Miami-based love story but not exactly the kind most people might imagine. With his first feature film, the University of Miami’s award-winning documentarian set out on “an unusual experiment” to revitalize the global appeal of Indian Bengali films on “a micro budget.”

  • For a select group of motion pictures students, a once in a lifetime opportunity to screen in Los Angeles began after winning Canes Film Festival in May 2016. 

    Out of 85 entries submitted to Canes Film Festival, the School of Communication’s year-end film festival, five were selected by a jury of industry professionals to screen at the Directors Guild of America Theater in LA during the 11th annual Canes Film Showcase.

  • Erica Larence, a Motion Pictures major and member of the Class of 2013, recently published a book, Caine and Mabel. The book is about a girl who adopts a rescue dog after her best friend moves away. Larence said that the idea for the book came from her rescue dog, Caine, who is named after the Miami Hurricanes.

    Larence wrote the book in January of 2015 and then edited it for about a month. In March, she found Vi Pham, the illustrator of the book.

  • On Nov. 11, 2015, the Chinese “Double 11” shopping day (like “Cyber Monday” in the U.S.), when Chinese girls were busy spending on clothes, Mingtian was desperate for money to complete her thesis film in the University of Miami School of Communication’s Master of Fine Arts program.

    Faced with a $15,000 shortage, the 24-year-old from Beijing decided to do crowdfunding on WeChat, the Chinese version of Instagram.

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