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Dean's Student Circle Peer Mentoring Program Mission Statement

The Dean's Student Circle Peer Mentoring Program (DSC) is committed to enhancing student development by encouraging growth in the areas of leadership, communication, self-direction, and problem solving skills. Furthermore, the peer mentoring program is dedicated to facilitating meaningful interactions between peer mentors and mentees as they engage in various school-sponsored events. Most importantly, through this opportunity of service, peer mentors will be play a pivotal role in aiding freshmen students as they transition to the School of Communication as well as enrich their learning experience at the University of Miami.

Dean's Student Circle Peer Mentor Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in Orientation
  • Participate in special events
  • Mentor freshmen and transfer students
  • Give at least two campus tours to prospective students per semester
  • Facilitate information about the majors offered in the School of Communication
  • Be candid when sharing any personal academic experiences at the School of Communication
  • Promote an active participation in school-sponsored events
  • Uphold all confidentiality guidelines as well as abide by all FERPA (The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) regulations
  • Properly guide freshmen students in all general education and communication requirements


  • Early registration
  • Early move-in date
  • Business cards
  • Meeting students, prospective students and friends of the SoC
  • Contributing to overall SoC environment
  • Insuring the mission of the SoC at a grassroots and student level

Dean's Student Circle Peer Mentors Are:

  • Outgoing, resourceful, enthusiastic, approachable
  • Personable, dedicated, intelligent, courteous
  • Diverse, energetic, respectful, friendly
  • Motivated when interacting with freshmen or transfer students (who have earned 30 credits or less)
  • Strong leaders, who display exceptional talents, at their school, place of employment, and community

Membership Requirements:

  1. 3.0 or higher GPA (within UM and SoC)
  2. Rising sophomore, junior or senior SoC student
  3. Good standing

Application Process:

Qualifications for Mentees  

Freshmen students, who participate in the program voluntarily, will work with their peer mentors during their freshmen year. Of importance, these peer mentors will come from the same communication major as their mentees.
These freshmen mentees will finalize their course selection plans with a professional, academic advisor; peer mentors are a resource for freshmen students and complement the academic advising process.

In order to request a Peer Mentor, please contact Marisely at .

A small segment of the freshman class may be ineligible for the peer mentoring program based on the following:

  • Those who have completed about two thirds of their general education requirements, through dual enrollment or IB or AP credits, cannot participate in the program; peer mentors will inform about general education and communication requirements only.
  • Those who participate in the communication honors program are also unable to participate in the peer mentoring program because they have the option to customize their areas of study and do not follow the regular communication curriculum. Moreover, Dr. Mitchell Shapiro, Director of Honors, will serve as their advisor.
  • International students, who enroll in the English intensive program, can participate in academic classes that are not reading intensive due to their limited, English proficiency. Hence, they will be unable to participate in the peer mentoring program until they finish their English intensive courses.

If you have any questions about the peer mentoring program, contact Marisely Rojas, coordinator of the program, at or at 305-284-6632.