By Alexis De La Rosa

A double graduate from the University of Miami, Jessica Wendorf Muhammad is now a leader in health communication research, specializing in why enacted educational experiences impact individuals.

Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, Wendorf Muhammad graduated from the U with her Masters of Art in International Administration in 2013 and earned her Ph.D. in communication studies in 2016.

According to Wendorf Muhammad, the SoC gave her the ability to work on a variety of different areas in communication.

“The SoC represents the magic that exists when multiple areas of communication meet. The ability to work in a specific area or at the intersection of two or more specialties is what makes the SoC like no other place,” said Wendorf Muhammad.

As a ‘Cane, Wendorf Muhammad felt “constantly supported and encouraged” to reach beyond what she thought was possible. She credits Dr. Paul Driscoll, Dr. Tyler Harrison, Dr. Susan Morgan, and Dean Shepard for supporting her throughout her doctoral program and her career. 

Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Florida State University School of Communication. She is also the director of PEAKS Laboratory, which is focused on developing evidence-based interventions for complex social issues through participatory action research. 

Wendorf Muhammad looks back fondly on her time at at the U and has great memories of late nights filled with research and the great friends and faculty she met at the SoC.

“I have very fond memories of working late in the 5th floor of the international building in the doctoral cubicles with my colleagues. It felt like a safe and creativity space. SoC courtyard was also a favorite spot. It is the intersection -- literally the hub of innovation -- of all communication specialties so it has a very special energy,” said Wendorf Muhammad.