Project Description

In 2012 Tran co-designed a tabletop game for the World Bank to simulate a productive social safety net (PSSN) program that the Bank funded in Tanzania. Tran then spent 2 weeks in Tanzania adapting a version of the game Uwezeshaji Kaya Kuhimili (meaning “enabling households to withstand”) alongside Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) to use as part of a national rollout for their PSSN program. The adapted game was designed to be used in rural villages with subsistence farmers in order for them to understand how the PSSN’s public works projects, conditional cash transfers for child education and health, and climate change adaptation measures can directly benefit their households in both the short- and particularly the long-term.

  • 2013: Presented project findings at Games+Learning+Society 9.0
  • 2012: Project received a World Bank Knowlympics innovation award
  • 2012: Tran received a research grant from the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre and START with funding from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN Action Lab Innovation Fund)