Project Description

Top suits is one of nine university teams that participated in the NASA’s Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students – NASA SUITS. Over the past several months they coded and designed their Augmented Reality (AR) based prototypes and tested it at NASA’s Human Integrated Vehicles and Environments (HIVE), a facility used to develop and build human interfaces for human-in-the-loop testing, in May 2018. These AR interfaces are designed to assists astronauts on the International Space Station while performing extra-vehicular activities (EVA). They are designed to allow the astronauts to have a more autonomous support system that will aide in deeper space exploration.

The AR informatics displays designed for NASA SUITS address an authentic, current space exploration challenge. The team’s proposed displays have the potential to be incorporated into the new spacesuits designs and aid in a future NASA spacewalk or exploration mission.

Associated Students

Chelsea Haina, MFA Interactive Media
Chanelle Ma, MFA Interactive Media
Morgan Mckie, MFA Interactive Media
Micheal Li, MFA Interactive Media
Lena Gonzalez, MFA Interactive Media
Richard Lentz, MS Computer Science (University of North Florida)
Brian Hicks, BS Computer Science (University of North Florida)