Project Description

Humans vs. Mosquitoes is a game about vector-borne diseases. Originally, the game was designed to be played at the COP17 Conference with policy makers and diplomats. A field version was also created for rural school children in Africa. After repeated iterations, a card game was developed that has since been played in over 10 countries and 4 continents.

The aim of the game is to allow players to understand and engage on an emotional level with complex and abstract concepts of climate change and disease transmission. One team plays as humans, trying to clear mosquito breedings grounds. The other team plays as mosquitoes, breeding and attacking humans when they aren’t defending themselves.

Most recently, the game was brought to Panama where a group of UM students under the supervision of Dr. Sherri Porcelain took the game and played it with indigenous populations. The students localized the game to account for differences in language and breeding grounds and played it with children in the community. By playing the game, the children learned how to keep mosquito populations in check and even spread information to their parents.