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Dr. Tyler R. Harrison (BA University of Washington, 1991; MA University of Arizona, 1994; Ph.D. University of Arizona, 1999) is Professor in Communication Studies at the University of Miami.

Dr. Harrison’s research interests focus on the design of communication processes and systems to improve individual, organizational, and societal outcomes. His work in this area has focused on health communication and conflict management.

His work on health communication has focused primarily on issues related to organ donation and transplantation, and includes larges scale worksite and DMV based campaigns that have been supported by over $4 million in federal grant funding. Dr. Harrison recently published an edited volume focusing on the intersections of organizations and health. Current proejcts include an investigation looking at the effects of specialized organ donation and transplant trainings on innovation, collaboration, and career trajectories. He is also working on issues related to cancer among firefighters in South Florida.

Dr. Harrison’s work on conflict has focused primarily on ombuds processes and third party dispute resolution. Specifically, his research has explored how disputant’s experience their conflicts, make decisions to use formal processes, and how those processes influence a variety of outcomes, including reconciliation and trust in the organization. His more recent work has focused on evaluating how disputants anticipate the procedural fairness of ombuds processes, and the impact those evaluations have on their decisions to pursue a grievance.

In addition to his research on conflict, Dr. Harrison has mediation and negotiation certificates from Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation, and has served as a community mediator and an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau. He has also served as the chair of the Peace and Conflict Communication Division of the National Communication Association.

Featured Publications


Harrison, T. R. & Williams, E. A. (2016). Organizations, communication, and health. Routledge. London, UK

Morgan, S. E., Reichert, T., & Harrison, T. R. (2016). From numbers to words: Reporting statistical results for the social sciences.  Routledge. London, UK

Selected Publications

Harrison, T. R., Yang, F., Anderson, D., Morgan, S. E., Wendorf Muhamad, J., Talavera, E., Schaeffer Solle, N., Lee, D., Caban-Martinez, A. J., & Kobetz, E. N.  (2017). Resilience, culture change, and cancer risk reduction in a fire rescue organization: Clean gear as the new badge of honor. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 25(3), 171 – 181DOI:10.1111/1468-5973.12182

Hopeck, P. & Harrison, T. R. (2017). Reframing, refocusing, referring, and reconciling: Exploring conflict resolution strategies of hospital staff during end of life situations. Health Communication. 32:2, 240-246, DOI: 10.1080/10410236.2015.1099509.

Anderson, D. A., Harrison, T. R., Yang, F., Wendorf Muhamad, J., & Morgan, S. E. (2017). Firefighters perceptions of cancer risk: Results of a qualitative study. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 60, 644-650. DOI: 10.1002/ajim.22726

Harrison, T. R. (2014). Enhancing communication interventions and evaluations through communication design. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 42 (2), 135 – 149.

Harrison, T. R., Hopeck, P., Desrayaud, N. & Imboden, K. (2013) The relationship between conflict, anticipatory procedural justice, and design with intentions to use ombudsman processes. International Journal of Conflict Management, 24 (1), pp. 56 – 72.

Harrison, T. R., Morgan, S. E., Chewning, L. V., Williams, E., Barbour, J., Di Corcia, M., & Davis, L. (2011). Revisiting the worksite in worksite health campaigns: Evidence from a multi-site organ donation campaign, Journal of Communication, 61 (3) 535 – 555.

Harrison, T. R., Morgan, S. E., King A. J., & Williams, E. A. (2011). Saving lives branch by branch: The effectiveness of driver licensing bureau campaigns to promote organ donor registry sign-ups to African Americans in Michigan. Journal of Health Communication,16 (8), 805 – 819.

Harrison, T. R., Morgan, S. E., King, A. J., Di Corcia, M. J., Williams, E. A., Ivic, R. K., & Hopeck, P. (2010). Promoting the Michigan Organ Donor Registry: Evaluating the impact of a multi-faceted intervention utilizing media priming and communication design. Health Communication, 25, 700-708.

Grants Received

Co-Investigator (2015 – 2018). University of Miami – Firefighter Cancer Research Agreement. $3,489,000 award from State of Florida. Kobetz, (PI) Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Subaward $247, 947 Firefighters Campaign for Cancer Prevention and Screening (Tyler Harrison, School of Communication, site PI). State of Florida Appropriation #2382A.

Principal Researcher (2010 – 2012) Say Yes When Asked, Illinois: A Replication of Michigan’s Campaign to Increase Organ Donation Registration Rates in Drivers Facilities. $500,000 award (grant # D71HS19218) by DHHS/HRSA/Division of Transplantation. (Brian Quick, University of Illinois, PI).

Consultant (2011 – 2012). Role: Consultant/pro bono. A gift which really matters.  25,000 Euro, funded by Inditex Corporation for international organ donation campaign for Inditex companies (parent company of Berksha, Mossimo Dutta, Zara) in Spain, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and China.

Principal Investigator. (2007 – 2010). Show Us Your Heart: Point of Decision Grassroots and Media Campaign to Increase Organ Donor Registrations. $825,000 award (grant # D71HS08577-01-00) by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Division of Transplantation.

Co-PI/PR. (2006 – 2010). The Drive for Life: The Use of Just-in-Time Information Public Education, and DMV Clerk Training on Donor Registrations and Family Notifications. $1.05 million award (grant # R39OT07652-01-00) by DHHS Division of Transplantation. Susan E. Morgan (Purdue), Principal Investigator.

Co-PI/PR. (2004 – 2008). The New Jersey Workplace Partnership for Life. $1.7 million award (grant # R39OT03410-01-00) by DHHS Division of Transplantation. Susan E. Morgan (Purdue), Principal Investigator.

Featured Projects

From Numbers to Words: Reporting Statistical Results for the Social Sciences

Clean Gear as the New Badge of Honor: Cancer Prevention Campaign for Firefighters

Organizations, Communication, and Health

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