Assoc. Professor, Department Chair of Strategic Communication


WCB 3004


(305) 284-2843


Alyse Lancaster received her Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Florida. Her research focuses on three areas. The first area is health communication, concentrating on how the mass media can be used effectively to promote healthy behaviors and to discourage unhealthy behaviors such as drunk driving, illicit drug use, and unsafe sex among college students. Her second research area centers on the economics and effectiveness of tobacco advertising, as well as the impact of anti-smoking campaigns. Her third research area deals with issues in advertising media planning, particularly on how various media are used to reach specified target audiences and how different research methods are used to forecast advertising effects.

Dr. Lancaster’s work has been published in several scholarly journals, including The Journal of Advertising, The International Journal of Advertising, Mass Communication & Society, The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Health Marketing Quarterly, and The Howard Journal of Communications, among others. She also co-authored two book chapters in Sexual Teens, Sexual Media (Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates, 2001)