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With a focus on using communication for social and behavioral change through engaged scholarship and immersive experience, the Center for Communication, Culture, and Change seeks to address urgent societal issues, and make a positive difference in people’s lives. The Center is especially focused on Latin America and its Miami diaspora, but also has initiatives in Africa and many other parts of the world.

The Center’s projects are geared to discovering communication’s contribution to accelerated, but sustainable, participatory change. While the application of new media in support of positive change is a special interest of the Center, all forms of communication and their influence are embraced by the Center and its projects. Indeed, collaboration across content areas, methodological orientations, and platforms of expression is the hallmark of the Center.

The Center is committed to the best practices of formative and evaluation research. Thus, each creative project is founded in data that guide its concept, design, launch, and implementation, and is evaluated against communication and social/behavior change objectives derived from these data. The Center provides opportunities for faculty and students engaged in scholarship and creative activity to work together in mutually reinforcing ways and is the hub of activity for doctoral student education and research.

Congratulations to the Center for Communication, Culture and Change Research Award recipients Jan Boehmer and Maria Scott, the most recent School of Communication interdisciplinary funded faculty team! This new project will focus on athletes and social media use and how their online actions may influence children and young adults when making lifestyle decisions.


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