The School of Communication (SoC) at the University of Miami prepares young people for success in a global society and to become good citizens of the world. There are few schools that can match the breadth of our curricula—from cinema to advertising, interpersonal communication to broadcast journalism and just about everything in between.

Studying communication in Miami, one of the most dynamic, international, and important cities in the world, and on a campus that is among the most beautiful in the country, has its advantages—and the SoC gives students opportunities to make the most of the exciting environment that surrounds them.

Led by faculty who have excelled in the professional world or who are seasoned scholars, the school is committed to breaking down walls and training students to be proficient across a wide array of content so that they are truly prepared for a career in the ever-changing world of communication. Our faculty provide students with personal attention and mentoring, and our classes require collaboration among students, a diverse and highly select group.

We believe that becoming an expert in the various fields of communication requires both rigorous classroom study and challenging, hands-on experience. Through internships, professional student organizations, radio and television broadcasts, film productions, print and Web publications, and other avenues here at the SoC, students put their courses of study into practice using the most advanced resources and facilities.

At the School of Communication, a superb education is just the beginning. Students also participate in special projects and courses that let them use their skills to make a positive difference within the community and around the world.

We invite you to become part of the School of Communication, where we encourage students to exercise their curiosity, follow their dreams, and make work their playground.