Dr. Weiting Tao is an assistant professor in strategic communication. Her primary research area is corporate public relations, which includes corporate social responsibility, corporate ability, crisis communication and management, cross cultural strategic communication, corporate reputation and relationship management, and social media strategies. Dr. Tao's research agenda centers on the grant question: how can public relations help corporations survive and thrive in the current turbulent marketplace and in the fast-evolving media environment? Emphasizing the value of interdisciplinary research, her work blends public relations research, consumer psychology, interpersonal communication, organizational communication and management, digital media studies, and international communication. Dr. Tao has published in scholarly journals such as Communication Research, Public Relations Review,  Journal of Communication Management, International Journal of Strategic Communication, and European Sport Management Quarterly. She also has won numerous top paper and research awards at international and national communication conferences such as the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC). Dr. Tao has been awarded the Arthur W. Page Legacy Scholar grants for two consecutive years (2016-2017 and 2017-2018).

Dr. Tao received her Ph.D. in mass communication from the University of Florida. She also holds a master's degree in mass communication from the University of Florida.

Courses Taught

STC 620 - Public Relations Fundamentals (Graduate)
STC 201 - Public Relations Strategy Development (Undergraduate)
STC 116 - Principles of Public Relations (Undergraduate)


University of Florida, Ph.D. in Mass Communication, 2015
University of Florida, M.A. in Mass Communication, 2011
Southwest University, China, B.A. in English Literature, 2009

Featured Publications

Updated in September 2017 [ Google Scholar ] [ ResearchGate ]:

Tao, W. (2017). How consumers’ pre-crisis associations and attitude certainty impact their responses to different crises. Communication Research. doi: 10.1177/0093650217733361

Liu, Y., & Tao, W., & Tsai, W. S. (2017). Global versus local consumer culture positioning among Chinese consumers: Understanding the mediating role of consumer nationalism. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 11(4), 344-360.

Tao, W., & Kim, S. (2017). Application of two under-researched typologies in crisis communication: Ethics of justice vs. care and public relations vs. legal strategies. Public Relations Review, 43(4), 690-699.

Tao, W., & Wilson, C. (2016). The impact of corporate communication on company evaluation: Examining the message effects of CSR, corporate ability, and hybrid strategies. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 10(5), 426-444.

Tao, W., & Ferguson, M. A. (2015). The overarching effects of ethical reputation regardless of CSR cause fit and information source. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 9(1), 23-43.

Tao, W., & Wilson, C. (2015). Fortune 1000 communication strategies on Facebook and Twitter. Journal of Communication Management, 19(3), 208-223.

Sato, S., Ko, Y. J., Park, C. M., & Tao, W. (2015). Athlete reputational crisis and consumer evaluation. European Sport Management Quarterly, 15(4), 434-453.

Zhang, X., Tao, W., & Kim, S. (2014). A comparative study on global brands’ micro blogs between China and USA: Focusing on communication styles and branding strategies. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 8(4), 231-249.

Grants Received

Updated in August 2017:

“Emotion Contagion and Stakeholder Engagement on Nonprofit Organizations’ Facebook Sites,” The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communications ($3,000), Co-Investigator, 2017-2018.

"Local Brands and the Global Vision: The Pursuit of the Chinese Dream," The School of Communication at the University of Miami ($5,000), Co-Investigator, 2017-2018.

Employee Prosocial Engagement in CSR through Empowerment in Decision-Making,” The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communications ($10,000), Principal Investigator, 2016-2017.