Nicholas Carcioppolo

Assistant Professor


WCB 3013


(305) 284-5633



Dr. Carcioppolo received his PhD in Health Communication from Purdue University in 2012. His research focuses on the development and assessment of persuasive messages for health communication campaigns and interventions with an emphasis on cancer prevention and screening behaviors. Additionally, Dr. Carcioppolo is interested in the persuasive effects of entertainment media on health-related attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. In particular, his research explores how media consumed for the explicit purpose of entertainment can nevertheless result in persuasive outcomes that can affect people’s health.

Current and previous research projects include an intervention among hospital workers and manufacturing workers to increase colon cancer screening rates, formative research to develop messages for a national HPV prevention campaign conducted by the Women’s Oncology Research and Dialogue group, a study assessing the effects of entertainment television featuring cancer-related storylines on cancer-relevant attitudes, beliefs, and prevention intentions, and an intervention comparing messages and materials to reduce the use of indoor tanning beds among qualitatively different types of indoor tanning bed users.

Recent Awards

2015 NCA Golden Anniversary Monograph Award


COMPAS Cancer Communication Lab

Featured Projects

Organizations, Communication, and Health

Evaluation of Serious Games Outcomes

Communication of Cancer Screening Instructions

In-group Rationalizations of Risk and Indoor Tanning