3D Design and Graphics

This course focuses on the use of 3D Design software for communication and how to integrate with other print and digital technologies.

Advanced Audio Video Narratives

This course examines uses of audio and video to communicate journalism. Student s learn to investigate, gather content, and produce documentary stories primari ly for online distribution.

Advanced Newsgathering and Writing Seminar

Refining news writing and reporting skills for the media.

Advanced Programming

This course explores the role of the programmer as journalist. Students will perform the basic tasks of journalism from a programmatic perspective including: gathering, distilling and presenting information. Students will learn how to gather information from public databases and government websites. They will learn how to automate processes for filtering information and leran how to presen t this information in a visual and interactive news report.

Advanced Projects and Directed Research

Individual study. Course may be repeated to a maximum of six credits.

Audiovisual Production

A lab/lecture course focusing on the concepts of visual strorytelling and on the skills needed to gather information in the visual storytelling process. Students work in teams with still photography, video and audio-gathering devices to document community life.

Comparative Media Systems

This course deals with issues in international news gathering and distribution, giving special attention to Latin America and the Caribbean. The class takes a comparative approach, looking at media systems in the United States and other nations.

Computer-Assisted Reporting

Use of computer applications for newsgathering with emphasis on the World Wide Web, commercial online services, and database tools.

Database Journalism

This course teaches data analysis and interactive deployment of data of the World Wide Web and other digital platforms.

Feature Writing

Analyzing and writing feature articles for magazines, newspapers, and other new s media.

Global Media

An analysis of issues and practices surrounding globalization, regionalization, and global/local as they relate to media industries, journalism, and communication.

History of Journalism Seminar

The development and impact of journalism in America traced through industry leaders and events.

Interaction Design and Information Visualization

This course is an introduction to the visual display of information in digital and interactive media, with a special focus on the encoding of data by means of statistical charts, maps, and diagrams.

Interactive Storytelling

Digitization allows us to merge several forms of media that were not connected in the past. This course is intended as an exploration of how storytelling is r e-inventing itself utilizing the new digital communication tools available to us today. This course will cover linear and non-linear storytelling techniques and production processes.

International Journalism

News gathering, transmission, and distribution outside the United States, with emphasis on Latin America.

Internship in Journalism and Media Management

Prescribed study and supervised work with professionals in newspapers, magazines, web sites or related news media.

Media Law and Ethics Seminar

A survey of legal and ethical issues concerning First Amendment theories and practices regarding defamation, privacy, freedom of information, free press vs. fair trial, reporter privilege, access to media, intellectual property, obscenity, broadcasting, and new media.

Media Management

Media Management and Entrepreneurship (in Spanish)

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the major trends in the news media business and to give them the tools to initiate and manage media projects. This course is taught in Spanish.

Newspaper Management Cases

Newswriting and Reporting Seminar

Development of newswriting and reporting skills for news media.

Online Journalism (in Spanish)

This course should help journalism students develop the necessary skills to work online, including posting breaking news, writing for the Web, gathering and uploading multimedia contend and creating/writing blogs. This course is taught i n Spanish.

Programming for Interactivity

This course is a multimedia class that will teach the fundamental programming s kills required to create compelling online multimedia stories.

Reporting and the Internet

Overview of uses of online computer services for newsgathering and distribution with emphasis on the Internet.

Science Writing

Seminar in Editing and Design for Print and Websites

Theory and practice in news media copy editing, layout, and design.

Seminar in News Ethics and Problems

Ethical, practical, and professional problems of news communicators in society.

Seminar in Visual Storytelling

An advanced seminar class designed to enhance the knowledge and practice of the visual storytelling narrative. This seminar stresses the importance of converging media, still images, video, and sound. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the creation of a multimedia portfolio.

Social Effects of Mass Communication

Roles, functions, and consequences of mass communication in American society.

Social Media for Journalists

Examination of best practices for use of social media for gathering, disseminating and promoting news.

Sports Reporting

An analysis of sports journalism that will develop students' skills in sports r eporting and sports writing. Discussions range across the entire field of sport s reporting, including broadcasting, but the greatest emphasis is concentrated on sports reporting and writing for newspapers and magazines.

Team Multimedia Project

The Business of Modern Journalism

Theories and Methods for Mass Communication Research

Urban Journalism

Writing for Publication

This course focuses on writing principles and practices of the news media. It is designed to give the student exposure and practical experience in writing for the print media.