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The program in Media Management provides full-time and part-time students with flexible opportunities to pursue and expand their career interests in the media industry.

This unique 34-credit interdisciplinary graduate program is designed for students who seek new or advanced opportunities in the various functions of the media industry, such as distribution, sales, news and entertainment programming, research, and analytics. Students complete courses in the School of Business Administration to learn or strengthen their knowledge about business fundamentals, including managerial strategy, economics, accounting, and finance. At the same time, students take courses in the Department of Journalism and Media Management to apply business principles to media situations and evaluate critically how technological and regulatory trends, changing business models, emergent content applications, and new audience measurement techniques influence decision-making in media operations. Students can also customize their coursework by selecting electives that best match their personal or career interests.

Classes are held on Saturdays and weekday evenings to provide flexibility for working professionals. Students can study full time or part time. The program begins every fall and lasts one year for full-time students or two years for part-time students. No prior business or media management experience or education is required.

Featured Courses

Introduction to Strategy, Markets and Management

This integrated course focuses on the external environment in which business firms operate and on the management techniques through which managers organize and motivate human resources to support strategic initiatives. It emphasizes in particular three critical sets of actors: customers, competitors, and employees. The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to basic conceptual frameworks and analytic models that managers use to a) identify and understand the customer segments that make up a marketplace, b) formulate strategies that achieve a competitive advantage within that marketplace, and c) lead and motivate employees in the execution of competitive strategies.

Business Analytics and Operational Excellence

This course combines three disciplines that form the basis of a modern analytical approach to business management: statistics, optimization, and operations management. Many of the concepts covered are cross-disciplinary and can be applied to a variety of business functions and situations. Although specific examples will be used during the course to illustrate each concept, instruction will focus on the general applicability of the material. Topics to be covered include: numerical and categorical data, population/sample, parameter/statistic, introduction to excel, frequency distributions, histograms, pie charts, measures of variability, pivot tables, measures of association, random variables and distributions, sampling, types of hypothesis and of statistical errors, linear programming, network models, sensitivity analysis, integer and goal programming, forecasting, inventory management and location analysis.

Fundamentals of Economics, Accounting and Finance

This course provides an overview of business economics, accounting, and finance. Economic themes primarily focus on microeconomic topics such as demand, supply, elasticity, and forms of competition. Accounting concepts include corporate financial statements, cost-volume-profit analysis, and traditional and activity-based cost accounting. Finance topics include time value of money, capital budgeting basics, foreign exchange, risk and return, modern portfolio theory, and financial markets. The course includes an integration of many of these concepts through an exposure to business plan development.

Business Plan Fundamentals and Communications

This course provides students with the fundamentals in the development and preparation of a business plan, as well as of oral and written business communications. Students, after exploring new venture opportunities, will develop a comprehensive business plan, including its functional components (marketing, finance, operational, human and intellectual capital plans), the support with which to secure the needed financial and human resources, and the organization to manage the new venture. Students will also enhance their communication skills with which to identify critical issues, develop reasoned positions, display data, use visual aids effectively, state persuasive and compelling arguments for written documents as well as prepared and impromptu speeches, and deal with the media.

Current Issues in Media Management

This course addresses current economic, financial, technological, and policy developments pertaining to the media industry. Case studies are discussed.

Content Strategy in the Media Industry

This course examines strategies and practices to produce, distribute, and schedule media content across platforms.

Audience Research and Analysis

This course covers research methods and media metrics used to collect data and measure audiences.

Law and Ethics in Journalism and Media Management

A survey of legal and ethical issues for media professionals, including defamation, privacy, access to information, intellectual property, obscenity, employment, workplace management, and business contracts.

Showcase Your Talents

The Media Management Association offers graduate students opportunities to network with local industry professionals at monthly meetings and run for office. Every fall, Orange Umbrella, the media consultancy housed in the University of Miami's School of Communication, invites undergraduate and graduate students to apply for various positions, including account managers, and work on real-life projects for clients. Graduate students in Media Management can also join the executive boards of UMTV and WVUM, the University of Miami's award-winning cable channel and FM radio station, respectively.

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A few of our latest Media Management projects, all done by our very own students and faculty.

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