Be a Part of a Legacy

Every day, students at the University of Miami School of Communication are doing extraordinary things with the skills they’ve learned from our distinguished faculty. Few other schools can match the breadth of our curriculum—from cinema to advertising, interpersonal communication to broadcast journalism, and just about everything in between. From producing reports and videos about global poverty to creating powerful advertising for nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about charitable causes, our students are using communication to make the world and our communities better places.

Over the next decade, we will build upon our strong foundation to transform our school into the very best of its kind by breaking down walls and cross-training students to be proficient across a wide array of content. We will promote a truly global sensibility as we produce research and creative work that matters. We will carry out our mission while staying ahead of the technology curve, even as we continue to teach and practice the eternal lessons of good storytelling, relationship building, and ethical action.

We invite you to join us in this exciting effort.

At the University of Miami School of Communication, we are setting the pace in education in this enormously important and influential field. Our students are learning not only how to be great communicators, but how to use their skills and imaginations to make a positive difference in their communities and around the world.

Gregory J. Shepherd

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