Listed below are the special topics courses offered spring 2019 for the School of Communication. Please consult CaneLink and the instructor of record for more information.

JMM 592/692 Special Topics

  • Media African Narratives- Jyotika Ramaprasad
  • Advanced Weather Casting- Brian Norcross
  • Editing: Constructing the Story- Candace Barbot
  • Travel Videography- Trevor Green
  • Content Strategy- Ana Francois
  • Intolerance and the Media- Sandy Bohrer
  • Photo Illustrations- Randy Stano

CIM 594/795 Special Topics

  • Art of the Pitch- Howard McCain
  • Producing Transmedia- Rechna Varma

COS 391 Special Topics

  • Communication in Romantic Relationships- Michael Beatty

STC 490 Special Topics

  • Motion Graphics- Adriana Pelligrini
  • Social and Digital Media Analysis- Liederman

JMM 592/ CIM 594 Special Topics

  • Aspects of Contemporary Cinema- Rene Rodriguez