Motion Pictures

Graduation Year


Love, Gloria, a film by motion picture graduate Nick Scown, had its world premiere at the Bill Cosford Cinema in April.

Filmed in 2011 and produced by RMS Films, Love, Gloria is Scown’s first feature-length movie. It tells the story of a washed-up child star who is kidnapped by a stalker and held captive with an obsessed fan. Her assistant does everything she can to find her, but the ineffectual police aren’t helping. Her manager uses the opportunity to sensationalize the news of her disappearance to revive her acting career. It’s a comedy.

Scown held a question and answer session with students after the screening.

Scown received his master’s degree in film in 2004. As a student, he won the best director and best graduate thesis film awards at the annual Canes Film Festival for Forgiving John. The film was then screened at the 2005 San Fernando Valley International Film Festival, where it was nominated for best short film.

Scown has written for a variety of programs, including Oprah’s Legends Ball, The ESPY Awards, and Destination: Truth. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work as associate producer on the show Tim’s Dates. The Disney Feature Writing Fellowship named him a finalist for the comedy screenplay Jack Hammer: Male Stewardess. Now, his short films are playing at festivals worldwide.