Catherine Ma

Ph.D. Student

My name is Catherine Qian Ma. I come from China. My primary research interest is visualization communication in the public sphere. I’m studying the knowledge coordination activities in data journalism production for my dissertation. Before I came to the University of Miami, I was an information designer and product manager working for the Xinhua News Agency. I earned my Bachelor’s (in 2013) and Master’s (in 2016) degree in Industrial Design from Tianjin University. After I graduate, I hope to continue my professional career in the design field, working as a research-based full-stack data visualization designer. I love design as life, and I will be a designer forever.

Apart from being a researcher and designer, I’m also a certificated English-Chinese interpreter. Growing up in an English teacher’s family, bridging the two beautiful languages and the underpinned cultures has always been my dream. At my leisure, I read books, play the piano, and do sketches. I am also a Taekwondo athlete with Kukkiwon Black Belt.

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