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I wanted to create something that could tie all of these experiences together and be a great resource to connect others.

Alison Cavatore spent many years abroad – in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Canada – from the time she was 8 years old.  So for Cavatore, a 2011 graduate of the master’s in print journalism program, starting a magazine about life overseas seemed like a natural career choice.

That’s how Global Living came to be.

“I wanted to create something that could tie all of these experiences together and be a great resource to connect others,” said Cavatore, Global Living’s editor-in-chief.

From her base in Washington, D.C., Cavatore directs the work of dozens of contributors from around the world. They are a diverse group that, she believes, adds to the authority of the magazine.

“Some [writers] have been with us since the beginning, and others have joined our team more recently,” Cavatore said. “Having contributors that live around the world and travel extensively is critical for Global Living because we want our content to be authentic – we want the readers to experience the true ins and outs of traveling and living abroad.”

A recent three-part series by Anne O’Connell, for example, focuses on expatriates who are making contributions to their adopted communities.  Cavatore said it had been a source of inspiration to readers.

“Anne finds individuals on each continent who have given back to the community,” she said. “It’s always nice to stop for a moment and give credit to those who are doing something with the opportunity they have been given.”

Global Living publishes a new issue every other month. Seven issues have been published, and an eighth will be finished by the end of September, Cavatore said. While she said she is now focusing on “making Global Living a household name and getting it into the hands of readers around the world,” Cavatore said she looks forward to expanding the magazine.

“I want to continue to grow and perfect the product as well as incorporate it into a lifestyle brand, eventually adding ‘Global Living Conferences’ around the world, where expats and travelers can come together to share their experiences,” she said.

 The magazine is available exclusively through MagCloud, an online print-on-demand resource. Issues can be purchased in print or digital format. Digital editions of the magazine can be viewed either on a PC or Mac and on an iPad through the MagCloud app.