Media Management

Graduation Year



Caracas, Venezuela

Media management is the way to go!

Senior Alexandra Essenfeld had an unforgettable summer networking with top media executives during her internship with Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD). CMD is an entertainment company that broadcasts Spanish-language content in the United States and in other locations around the globe. Beginning in July, Essenfeld worked with CMD’s vice president of sales in Latin America helping build presentations, handle client requests, and register sold television series to avoid exclusivity issues.

Professor Ana François helped Essenfeld gain the skills she would need throughout her time with CMD.

“Professor François helped me better understand my needs, and explore my area. What I did at work, I learned in the classroom,” said Essenfeld

Essenfeld is also a member of the Media Management Association, a professional organization that gives students the opportunity to network with successful media professionals, to ask them questions, and to speak with experts about their own ideas.