Project Description

Criminal sanctions are included in the cyberbullying laws of only 14 states. That means in 36 states, a statement is only punishable by law if it is considered a true threat, something very difficult to prove.

We’re showing the nation that if a statement has offline consequences, then it should have online consequences as well. The writing’s on the wall: it’s time for change.

Launched on YouTube, our PSA will communicate that statements with offline consequences should have online consequences, too.

Our PSA drives visitors to the campaign’s microsite. Here, they can “Click for change” to learn about the current cyberbullying legal situation and sign a petition for stricter cyberbullying laws.

Once the public has seen the writing on the wall, we’re putting it in front of the people who can make a difference: lawmakers.

Signatures will be projected onto Capitol Hill, where congressmen will see the writing on the wall literally becoming more apparent as the nation rallies together.

Associated Students

Derrick Yousefi and Ariana Pierre