Project Description

One of the oldest arguments is what is the “best” of all-time?  The argument can be about any subject. This book will attempt to provide an answer to one such subject – the top100 American television situation comedies of all time. This book presents an attempt to come to an objective answer to the question of what are the best American situation comedies of all time. In fact, it will provide a rank-ordered listing and a historical/critical essay of the 100 best American television situation comedies of all time. Seeking an objective solution, the authors developed a mathematical formula that rank orders television programs – in this case situation comedies.

Lead author Mitchell Shapiro, a professor at UM for almost 35 years, has been researching television programming from both empirical and historical perspectives for the past 40 years and has previously published eight reference books on the topic; His co-author, Tom Jicha, has been one of the nation’s leading television journalists and critics for over 30 years for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. He was elected President of the Television Critics Association in 1993, during which time he started the annual TCA awards that just celebrated their 22nd anniversary. Both authors also share a life-long passion and love for television.