Project Description

A total of 100 college students at a medium-sized southeastern university took an online survey to determine relationships between the content genres they watch and the platforms they choose to view them. The genres examined were dramas, comedies, and movies. Viewing platforms focused on cable television and over-the-top (OTT) services. We hypothesized that college students would be more likely to watch drama series on cable television, and more likely to watch comedies and movies on OTT services. We based these predictions on prior research that indicated a trend towards online viewing among millennials, as well as the consistently high share for prime-time dramas on cable. The results indicated that respondents were more likely to watch content on OTT platforms, rather than on cable television, regardless of the genre of the programming.

Associated Students

Caitlin Atkinson
Media Management Major
Marketing, Music Business, and Psychology Minors

Phoebe Fitz
Media Management and Psychology Majors
Marketing and Art Minors

Rebecca Holstein
Media Management Major
Marketing and Psychology Minors

Marie Stefania
Media Management Major
Music Business Minor

Third-Place Media Management Association (MMA) Awards, 2016