Project Description

This research paper is centered on the changing marketplace of video content distribution that is occurring with the rise of the Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers from 2007 through 2016.  The first part of this report helps provide a basic background into each of the different OTT companies, detailing the content they offer and their business plan to grow their service.

This first section employs individual profiles of each specific OTT service launched thus far.  Each profile focuses on answering these three main questions with each OTT service: What content does it offer?; How does it acquire the content it offers?; and How does the service make money off of its content?.

The second part of the report provides an understanding of how these OTT services are impacting the businesses of MVPDs and Television networks that have been dominating video content distribution for the past decades before this introduction of the OTT.  Data from recent years has already illustrated the fact that OTTs have begun to slightly diminish both the advertising and subscription revenues which MVPDs and networks rely on for business.

By analyzing the trends in rapid growth of the OTT businesses and the diminishing returns in revenue for the MVPDs and TV network companies of the past era, this thesis concludes that OTTs will continue to grow and prosper in the new video content distribution marketplace while the businesses of MVPDs and TV networks must adapt in order to maintain their place in it in the future.

Associated Student

Trent Reiber
Communications Honors – Motion Pictures Focus & Economics Majors
Sports Administration Minor

First-Place Media Management Association (MMA) Awards, 2016