Project Description

The music business has evolved from one that was uniform and direct to one that is truly fluid and diverse. When digital music downloading first began, it took the world by storm. Now we are facing a similar situation, wondering if the declining number of physical record sales will one day correlate with a decline in digital downloads as streaming increases. Music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music are just some of the companies battling to cut into the permanent digital download revenue. This paper suggests that more and more digital music consumers are getting their content through streaming sites. Some entities like Spotify and Apple Music show more promise than others like Pandora because of their ability to convert free subscribers into paid subscribers- a statistic indicative of long-term success.

Associated Student

Adam Arnaout
Media Management Major
Music Business, Sports Administration, and Marketing Minors

Second-Place Media Management Association (MMA) Awards, 2016