PREP students got up, applied copious amounts of sunscreen and went to different events around Coconut Grove to promote The Great Grove Bed Races. On Saturday, Oct. 18, PREP students spent the day at Coconut Grove’s annual Grovetoberfest and on Sunday they attended the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival.

While some students walked through the crowd handing out palm cards, others stood by the example bed on wheels and promoted the event to those walking by. After some time, PREP students thought of an even more interesting way to garner attention. They decided to simulate the Bed Races by having four students push the bed, while one student sat on top and announced the event and date to catch the crowd’s attention. Festival goers were enticed by this tactic and continuously stopped to ask PREP students questions about the event and wanted to learn how to sign up.

Anticipating the South Florida heat, students were given parasols to protect them from the sun. Unknowingly, they turned out to be another great way to attract crowds. "The parasols were good from a marketing perspective because people kept approaching us wanting to take photos with them," said Andrea Brook, a junior and first year PREP student. Festival attendees took photos with the parasols and the bed and posted them to Facebook in the hopes of winning a prize.

“This event definitely helped me learn how to approach people and spark up conversation,” said Brenda Hernandez. “It teaches you how to be prepared to answer questions and you learn how to make people just as excited about the event as you are,” Event Manager, Gaby Bardfield stated about her first time managing the event.