Project Description

The Problem

Cyberbullying is an easy, guilt free way to put others down. The absence of face-to-face communication results in the absence of emotion.

The Solution

Bring the darkness of cyber bullying to light and take over the social media it most commonly occurs on while giving the target a chance to do something they love – win a challenge, and a take a selfie.

The dark subject of this campaign will be brought to light at its launch, casting a shadow on the most famous white building in the world – The White House. In order to delete the darkness from here, people will have to pledge to delete it from the internet first.

Alongside the White House takeover, we’re taking over Instagram. Users will have to delete the darkness from the app until it’s been deleted from the White House, too. By hashtagging #deletethedarkness on a photo, the black filter will immediately be removed and the way it was originally posted will be displayed.

It only takes one comment to restore a friend who’s feeling down, and only one to restore their photo.

A landing page on Instagram will serve as an informational hub, with quick facts about the reality and results of cyber bullying.

A informational page will also live on Facebook and prepare people to take their life saving selfie-pledge.

Selfie-pledges will be counted and used to delete the darkness from the White House by using the hashtag #deletethedarkness.

A microsite will add to the information already circling around social platforms and display stories of students that committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying – told by their family and closest friends.